Trimmers Garden Services


Forum Media & Design were briefed to provide branding, vehicle livery and a new website. 

The business had to look modern, contemporary and fresh. The website to be responsive and provide the user with a simple interface and a portfolio of work. 

Branding included finding a suitable palette of corporate colours and typefaces that reflected the clients customer base.


We designed a clean, recognisable logo with bright colours. The font used had to be a mixture of contemporary and traditional.  As part of the branding we created business stationery and template adverts.

The use of the dark green, lime green throughout the various printed items reinforcing the branding. A clean font, Open Sans was used for all body text.


A bright, fresh design was required for the vehicle fleet. The design had to work within a given budget and have the ability to work on different coloured vehicles.

Attention was taken to ensure that the vehicle graphics were clear and easily readable from a distance.