Unique Selling Point

What is a USP?

USP means ‘unique selling point’ and every company should have one. A USP is something that sets your product or service apart from your competitors in the eyes of your customers, both new and existing.

If you want to differentiate yourself from your competition, then you must have a strong USP. Most business owners don’t bother to create one and may be losing out on sales and enquiries as a result.

You may think that you offer exactly the same services or products as your competitors and therefore find it difficult to create an effective USP. However, if a customer asked you why they should do business with you instead of your competitors, would you come up with a blank answer?

Your USP is a statement that clearly singles you out from the competition in just a few words. It forms the foundation on which to build your marketing activity.

If you have a good, clear and honest USP, there is a good chance that you will be able to compete on factors other than price.

Creating your USP

  1. Visit your competition and see if you can find something that you do better. Try to stay away from pricing as this isn’t necessarily a USP. Find something that is of value or of benefit to your customers.
  2. Ask your own customers why they do business with you. You may be surprised at the response that you get. Don’t be surprised if the impression they have of your company is different from the impression you have. Remember: it’s the customer’s perspective that is important, not yours.

When you have gathered a list of points, you should have a good sense of what makes you special or unique. Start drafting a statement that defines what makes you unique or special. You will probably start with a long statement of two or three paragraphs. You may also find that you have a number of USPs that cover a range of areas of your business. Narrow these down to the most profitable one for your business and one which gives the most value to your customers.

Edit your statement until it is short, snappy and to the point, describing your uniqueness.

Making the most of your USP

When you have identified your company’s USP, you will need to use it in every aspect of your business. Share your USP in your marketing materials, at networking events, on your business cards, on your website, advertising and at any other time when given the opportunity.

You, your staff and your sales team, in particular will need to own your USP and incorporate it into every phone call, meeting or letter you produce. This will reinforce why customers should choose to do business with you, rather than your competition.

When you have a USP that really works, your customers, new and existing, will think only of your company, when they have a need for that product or service.

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